Vera’s Top Ten Tips to help you THRIVE

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Vera Woodhead, from ‘Edimo Coaching and Development’, who is speaking at the event on ‘Practical Strategies to help you THRIVE and be successful’, brings you her ‘Top Ten Tips’ on the subject:


  1. Be self-aware – know your strengths and where your talents lie. Use them daily. People who use their strengths daily are happier and live longer. Likewise, identify the areas that you need to develop and be better at – be it skills, knowledge or behaviours and invest in them


  1. Know your values and what is important to you. They act as a guide and how you prioritise your time. Be clear on your definition of what success means to you and what you want to achieve at work and in life.


  1. Have a plan that has both short and longer term goals. Having a plan with goals, targets and how you track and monitor your progress will give you something to work towards, to aim for and to hold yourself accountable to achieving


  1. Do what you love. It is difficult to be enthusiastic, passionate and motivated about something that you care little for. Find meaning and purpose in what you do. It will drive you and light a fire in your belly


  1. Grow your network, connections and relationships with a wide range of people. It will help to spread your influence, increase your visibility and you will always have someone to call in time of support and help


  1. Go beyond your comfort zone, try out new things and stretch yourself. You may not always get it right. It is through undertaking such acts and learning from failure that we develop resilience, grow and achieve some our greatest accomplishments.


  1. Keep your focus laser sharp by minimising distractions. Be present and in the moment, giving your full attention to the task in hand. Work off line when possible and limit your time on social media, put your phone on silent and check your emails at set times.


  1. Manage your actions and energy. You know when you work best and are at your optimum. Tackle your challenging tasks when your energy levels are at the highest. We all have the same 24 hours, how you choose to spend it makes the difference. Focus on what is important and helps to move you closer towards achieving your goals and ambitions


  1. Learn to delegate. You cannot do everything. Outsource smaller and less important tasks and concentrate on what you do best


  1. Exercise regularly, get enough sleep, have a positive outlook, be grateful for what is present in your life and help others by doing good deeds –all helps to reduce stress, live longer, be more resilient and happier



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